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iyi kalite Şişme Kabarcık Balyası satış için
iyi kalite Şişme Kabarcık Balyası satış için
Vasco said they got fruit in package , that scared, but of course it was not true,so lovely, the bubble balls are perfect and like to order 20pc more

—— Vasco from Portugal 2017-11-7

Hi Jason customer was very impressed with the dart board they used it yesterday

—— Mark from UK

I received the kick dart games and I am very pleased , would like to to buy your boxing ring now but want customzied color

—— Jermaine Smith from Canada

Hi Jenny, We had received the sample yesterday but have tested it just now outside at our company. And we really like it!!

—— Evi Baerts2017-5-23

Very fast Delivery , good point , tested the bubble balls looks good and nice quality

—— Sebastien from Belgium

Hi,Jenny, I tried bubbles TPU adults this weekend they are very strong!!!! I'm really happy the products I touch you soon for other command

—— Federico in Switzerland 19-04-2016

Hi Linda, I got the goods , and I love the skydancers, very very great workmanship. :)

—— Dominik 07-04-2016

we are testing the new bubbles this weekend,by the moment perfect and the bags are great.

—— Nieves from Spian 05-09-2015

The new 950W pumps are awesome , also the bubble zorbs as usually are fantastic too.

—— Marcia in UK 2-06-2015

Hi linda, sorry that I didn't get back to you, bubbles are working great I will definitely use you guys again when we are ready to order more

—— Niall from USA 08-10-2015

Hello,dear Linda, Now I want to come back the delivery from today. First of all:Thank you very much,for all your support and the great workmanship

—— Dominik from Germany 2-03-2016

Yes,I have received the balls, already used the adult ball and pump,works great. The valves are also the right ones

—— M.P.J.TOL from Netherlands 30-4-2016

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Kabarcıklar topu france

Kabarcıklar topu france
Fransa'da Pierre'den geribildirim almak güzel, tampon toplarımızı yaklaşık 2 yıl kullandıktan sonra çok seviyorlar.

Ancak yine de şişme sporu oyunları, şişme topçu kalesi yapabileceğimizi bilmiyorlar, biz de bunu mükemmel kalitede yapabiliriz. :)

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